Video Ben Tomlin
Audio Marco Galvani
Artwork Charlie Barton

The Brief

We attended SANSARA’s first in-person Rite to Grieve event, following their zoom sessions during COVID. Our task was to capture b-roll sequences and interviews in order to build a trailer, which could give an example of the event for future groups and participants.

SANSARA says, on the event: “Rite to Grieve is a creative response to the widespread crisis of grief and bereavement as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unable to be with loved ones or hold conventional funeral and memorial events, the pandemic has had a severe impact on affected families, friends and communities.

In collaboration with Ellie Harrison (The Grief Series) we have developed an event format for the collective expression of grief, providing a supportive and safe space for conversation, remembrance and celebration of lives lost during the pandemic.”

Tech Specs

We used two of our Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k’s with Metabones adapters and Sigma lenses to capture footage from a distance of the participants, and to film two angles for the interviews, to enable us to cut between angles to cover slip-ups in dialogue and join takes together.

For audio, we used our Rode lavalier, directly wired into the camera. Music was provided by the client.