Client Vox Anima London
Video Ben Tomlin
Music Epidemic Sound
Dialogue Audio Ben Tomlin

The Brief

We were asked to go along to three concert dates to photograph (Ben Tomlin Photography) the concerts and rehearsals so that we could offer the photos for sale online to the participants.

While we did this, we were tasked with acquiring b-roll and interviews from participants, conductors, and composers to put together an exciting trailer for the company to use year after year to promote their activities in an engaging way.

We used upbeat music licensed from and added telephone and delay effects to the interview audio in between the beats to tie the interview audio tracks together with the music and the visuals.

Tech Specs

We used one of our Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k’s with a Metabones adapter and the Sigma 18-35mm lens to capture wide shots of the choir, as well as intimate-feeling interviews. Since Ben was doing photography and video together, as a one-man band this time, the video had to be shot on a monopod for flexibility of movement. The audio was recorded using a Røde Lavelier and Røde Wireless Go ii’s transmitting wirelessly to the camera. The footage was edited in Davinci Resolve Studio.