Producer Tom Herring
Executive Producer Chris Gunness
Director of Photography Ben Tomlin
Camera Operators
Brian Johnston
Ben Tomlin
Colourist Ben Tomlin
Audio Producer Jacob Ewens
Sound Engineer David Jones
Audio Editor & Mix Engineer David Jones

The Brief

We were invited to produce a full-length music video of SANSARA‘s new commission “A Quiet Night – Tyhohi Nochi”, composed by Ukrainian composer, Natalia Tsupryk. The brief also included producing a trailer, a video news release (VNR), and a short video for the Ukrainian Welcome Centre’s fundraising appeal.

Ben has been a regular member of SANSARA for a number of years and has recently begun to work with them to produce videos of the recordings as well as singing in them.

The new piece of music was commissioned in response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The texts are by renowned Ukrainian poet Serhiy Zhadan and quotations from one of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s many powerful speeches.

Sansara says, on the new commission: “Natalia’s new piece is a musical expression of solidarity with the people of Ukraine as they continue to suffer at the hands of Vladimir Putin: it is also a catalyst for connection, providing a creative vehicle for choirs to meet and sing with all those displaced by conflict in their communities.”

Find out more about the music and the choir here.

Music Video