Music-First Filmmaking

We’re a small, independent production company creating bespoke films for a variety of specialities, carefully crafted into beautiful, cinematic pieces that showcase your best work. Our strength lies in our ability to work with young musicians and established organisations wanting to promote their work worldwide.  We believe our films have the power to help your audience understand what makes you special and why they should come along to your next concert, commission you, or buy your music.


Elegant Sound Recording

Bring your music to the world. Our recordings are created by experienced recording engineers, who can capture the finest performances and help you to present yourself at your very best to your audiences. From intimate recording sessions to grand performances and everything in between, Ben Tomlin Productions offers high-quality audio recordings that dig deep into what makes you special as an individual or group.


Mission-Focused Editing

We can edit your music videos, performances, documentaries, trailers, interviews and so much more. We have all the tools you need to get your project over the line and onto screens all over the world. Editing is an art. And we are artists. Get in touch with your timeline and we’ll make magic happen!

"We LOVED working with you!"
- Vox Anima London 2022

Who we are

We are consultants and collaborators

We’re a production company, generating engaging content for young artists, organisations and brands.

We love working collaboratively with our clients to produce professional, high-quality films which help build their brand and engage with audiences.

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How we do it

We bring together musical and technical expertise

With a degree in Classical Music, and over 10 years of technical experience in Photography and Web Development, Ben has evolved his skills to become a leading content creator in his field here in the UK.

Our clients know that when they hire Ben Tomlin Productions they’ll be receiving engaging content that they can use for years to come.